Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

– Ibn Battuta  

After an arduous long academic year, the summer vacation is finally here. You might have infinite plans for the summer or your only plan might be to make no plans but just chill under the sun. Whatever you have thought of doing, there is probably one thing you must do this vacation. And that is to travel, travel as much as you can. Because it will not just open your eyes but also your heart.

Go to a different country if possible or travel the length and breadth of this incredible nation. Travel with family, friends, or even go solo all the way. From the gorgeous mountains to exotic beaches and through the bustling cities and peaceful countryside in between, wander like a true traveler. At every single moment, challenge yourself and do the extraordinary. If you want more reasons to travel, read along.

1. You need a break

After almost 10 months of hard work, your body and mind need a good rest to freshen up. Travel will help you relieve stress and rejuvenate your soul.

 2. You need to know the world

The world is bigger than your classroom. No lecture by any teacher will be able to teach you the things you learn while on the road.

3. In no time, you will be in a new classroom

Two months from now, you will be in a new classroom, super busy, learning new things. Growing up means becoming busier. Moreover, you might find it hard to travel again.

4. Summer is the best time to travel

Be it the beaches or mountains, summer is possibly the best time to travel. The sun is all bright and the days are longer. Nothing will stop you from going places.

5. To find yourself

The world will let you find yourself. The more people you meet, the more place you go, the more you will know about yourself. You will be forced to test your limits and trust me, you will surprise yourself.

6. For what travel can offer

Travel if you want to feel and witness what is beyond your imagination. The world is an astonishing place and only travel will let you know and live it.

7. To become a better person

Travel broadens the mind. You will start seeing beauty everywhere and the more you travel, the humbler you become.

If you not travel, at least visit a relative or a friend in a far-off city. That way, you will come across people from a different culture who speaks a different tongue. Vacations are not the time to worry about anything. We are here to help you with your future and career. Take up an aptitude test before you go places.