The thought of staying with your closest friends and going through 2 exciting years of college can be enlivening. Going beyond just fun could also be beneficial for your careers. All you have to do is consider this as an equally viable option while choosing colleges for PU.

Here’s how things will look at Deeksha Residential

  • Staying on the campus – Spending time in traffic early in the morning and the same thing on your way back will not be one of your worries. It’ll take you five minutes to reach your class from your room. Not to forget that you could use the sports facility that we provide at the campus.

  • Close-knit community – You’ll know the entire campus staff and the campus will start looking like your home with people looking out for you. Our teachers are friendly and meeting them away from an academic environment will create a different rapport with them. All this adds to creating a wonderful community.
  • Friendships that last – We have seen strong friendships build over the years. Staying with your friends throughout and getting to know them in and out would create a bond that would stand the test of time.
  • Develop people skills – Being around people at every point in time makes you adapt to the people around you. Something that will come in really handy in your professional life.
  • Score well – With all your classmates and teachers around, you know exactly what to prepare and how to go about it. Having access to such assistance throughout surely helps you score better. Our results over the years have been outstanding.
  • Guidance from seniors – Something invaluable. Receive the right advice. They have been through whatever you are going to face and they know what it is to be there. The relationship you would have with your seniors is something you would truly cherish.
  • Preparing yourself for the future – Everything that goes around during this time grooms you in one way or the other. You would have trained yourself for the future without even realising it.

This is just a brief description and you could get a better picture if you read between the lines :)

Two years of PUC is a combination of academics and various experiences. This short span holds a lot of potentials and the best part is that if you choose the right place you only need to focus on what comes your way and the rest will be taken care of.

Deeksha’s Residential Program will provide you with such an environment. You can look at all this and a lot more:

  • Monitored study hours after college
  • Hostel with wardens (Separate for boys & girls)
  • Well furnished rooms
  • Nutritious food provided
  • Faculty and staff at the campus
  • Medical needs are taken care off
  • Facilities for all-round development of students
  • Extra guidance in a time of need

The other residential campuses are spread across Karnataka –