Does the thought of leaving your family and studying at a boarding school frighten you? Well, there is nothing to be really afraid of. Of course, a bit of home-sickness might hit you in the beginning, but it will surely fade away once you become accustomed to boarding school life.  The perks of living your life at your much-loved campus are plenty. There is nothing as cool as that. Read on to know why studying at a boarding school is much better than a day school. 

1) Academic and overall development

Since students at residential schools are supervised 24/7, their overall development becomes the aim of such schools. Moreover, academics are provided round the clock. Your teachers are also with you whenever you need them.

2) Plenty of sports and co-curricular activities

Every residential school encourages students to pursue what they deeply love, be it football or public speaking. For most such schools, it is never just about academics. The training and the facilities provided are also top-notch. A day-scholar might not find all these in one place.

3) You save a lot of time

When your school becomes your home, you save time on many things. You no more need to spend hours commuting to school. You don’t even have to think about the traffic and the daily last-minute rush to school.  

4) Unlimited fun

Every boarding school is in a way like Hogwarts. There is a bit of magic hidden everywhere. It is a fun-filled priceless life with a lot of adventure.

5) Friends become family

The friends you make at a boarding school are for life. You take care of each other and stand through thick and thin. In the long run, you will eventually impart skills needed to take on life and become better as a person.

6) Independent & responsible

The unique freedom you get will make you self-reliable. Without your parents around, you will start managing things on your own. This freedom which comes along with responsibility will play a significant role in your future and career. Plus, there is nothing cooler than becoming a self-made person.

7) Diversity and exposure

The diversity at a boarding school is immense. Students from different communities and demographics attend boarding schools, providing exposure like no other. There isn’t a better place for a child to get a larger view of the world.

At a boarding school, you are not just a mere student. You are an artist, athlete, and academic. It is a place where you find out your hidden talents and work on them. However, not all boarding schools are the same. There are so-called residential schools where freedom is a fearful word. So, when choosing, take out your time. Ask your friends and family for opinions. Get as many reviews from as many sources and opt for the best school.