A career is a very vital aspect of everyone’s life. Choosing a career in a certain stream defines the future of a student. However, it is difficult for a student to choose the right career path at an early age. To have a successful career, it is necessary to plan it at the right point in time. This begins with choosing the right stream after class X. A student’s suitability for a particular career or stream depends on his/her aptitude or interest in a specific area.

How should you choose the right stream?

  1. Choose the stream based on your personal choice of career in the future

Some students are gifted with a strong character and they know what they want to do with their career. For those, the choice is pretty clear. A few suggestions for streams based on the varied career options are discussed below:

      • Science: For all students who want to opt for Medicine or Engineering field
      • Commerce: For students who want to build a career in sectors like finance, accounting, economics, and business
      • Humanities: For those who want to outshine in areas like media, politics, education, etc.

2. Find the right stream based on your personality

This is ideally the best way. If you know your personality well, then you can choose the stream accordingly. You can also take a personality test and choose the stream based on the result. For example, if you are an outspoken person and love to be around people, then a career in sales will be apt for you or if you are among those who are artistic in nature and live in your dreams, then choose a career in fine arts

3. Take up an aptitude test and gauge your capability in competitive exams

Taking up aptitude tests helps in finding the right course based on their capability and preferences. One such aptitude test that can prove helpful is dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test). This test helps students understand their capabilities in competitive exams. Students can find out which competitive exam among JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), CET and NEET suits them the best. If you are also among those students who are confused about which stream they should choose, then start registering for dSAT online now! to clear your confusion.