The word “exam” is daunting enough for many, especially for students of class X who want to crack medical or engineering entrance exams. Adding the term “competitive”, to the prefix, the level of anxiousness increases instantaneously with an eye blink! The competition is so intense that getting cold feet and nightmares, feeling nervous about making it to the toppers list becomes a part and parcel thing among students.

While the nervousness, jitter, and stress are quite obvious, one should not forget that millions of students like them who appear for such exams every year face the same situation.  So, it is fine to sit back, relax and pay attention to the below-mentioned tips in order to make sure that students give their best shot in competitive exams, be it JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main), NEET/ AIPMT, and CET.

Be sure which exam is suitable:

Don’t choose an exam because “others are choosing it.” It is a logic that one should follow in every phase of life. Often students decide to appear for competitive exams for the sake of their parents or other reasons, without having any desired result out of it. Competitive exams and their preparations demand a lot of investment not just in terms of money, but also determination, concentration, energy, and time.  Hence, students should ensure that all they do has a real purpose.

One of the best ways to find which competitive exam is right for students studying in class X is writing dSAT. Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test (dSAT) helps students gauge their capability in various competitive exams. Writing this aptitude test helps them understand which competitive exam is right for them. Accordingly, they can start their preparation and crack the exam with ease. dSAT registrations have already started.  Students should start registering now and utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

Brushing up basics:

Most of the competitive exam preparation requires studying the fundamental skills that were present long back in school textbooks, be it mathematical concepts or science formulas. Aspirants need to go through those books and check their knowledge of the fundamental principles and concepts. This may help students to a great extent succeed in competitive exams.

Staying updated:

Keeping themselves updated about current events plays a vital role in achieving success in any competitive exam. Though various multimedia platforms help students to a great extent in gaining knowledge about current affairs, they should also participate in group discussions and share their ideas with friends. These practices will keep students well-informed about the current happenings around them.

Practicing mock tests:

Nothing works better than having an idea of what one is going to come across on the D-day, beforehand. Mock tests help students evaluate their knowledge in a more intense way. Practicing mock tests helps them realize the areas where they lack and which need improvement.