While some students may have great confidence in their ability to crack competitive exams like K-CET with less hard work, most of the students want to have the best exam preparation for the exam. For decades, the standard approach towards exam preparation was taking up a class-based course or purchasing CET study materials. Ultimately, computer-based preparation became the standard and paved the way for mobile learning options, a popular medium of learning today.

How to use Mobile Technology while preparing for Exams

Have you ever thought about why mobile options are becoming so popular in exam prep? While some students may be able to set aside several hours every day for intensive study, others have to study whenever they are able to manage some time. For such people, being able to study while traveling or having lunch is a lifesaver. Mobile learning is one such option that makes this possible.

Here are few ways that people can start their KCET preparation online using mobile technology:

Learning through videos:

Video channels like for example, YouTube have made it very easy for students to post as well as watch instructional videos on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and phones. Students, as well as teachers, can produce and upload videos that can help others prepare for the exam. Online videos are one of the important sources for students. Seeing an instructor giving classes, demonstrations and various problem-solving techniques make the preparation process easier and interesting.

Exam preparation apps:

Some students benefit from being able to simulate the experience of actually attending the exam. While there are practice papers available in both book and online formats, there are several mobile apps that are specifically dedicated to preparing students for exams. These apps, like dPAL, allow students to prepare for both board and competitive exams.  Features like question bank, synopsis, kcet mock test, and many more help you prepare for the exam from the comfort of your home. Through this android app, students can analyze their own performance thus the students can identify areas where he or she needs to concentrate more.

Note-taking apps:

Many students find note-taking as a boring task, maybe because of their poor handwriting. With dPAL, taking notes becomes easier. Note-taking apps provides students the ability to use their smartphone or tablet to take notes so that they can review it later. Some of the options include being able to write the notes manually, which the app identifies and translates to text.

Do you want to experience all these benefits while preparing for exams? Download dPAL from Google Playstore now.