All of us know someone who is outstandingly brilliant at learning. They are The Marissa Mayer or Stephen Hawking of the class and you are possibly scratching your head wondering why you cannot do it too, isn’t it? Many students lose confidence when someone else is succeeding and you feel as though you are not able to do anything. This is not unusual, but if you are thinking their learning talent is due to genetics, you are completely wrong. It’s just that they are using better study strategies than you. Follow these learning tips to take the lead in competitive exams.

1. Set Study Goals

There are several pieces of research proving that goal setting can help people achieve goals successfully in their lives, so never underestimate the power of recognizing to yourself the things you want to get. Just make sure you ask some important questions to yourself: Are the goals I am setting realistic? Should I work harder to achieve those goals? If you are satisfied with the goals set by you then you should aim to develop your study plan for the coming year with your goals in mind.

2. Make use of new technologies

Gone are the days when preparing for exams meant jotting things down using a pen and paper. Those old methods are still there, of course, it’s just that now there are several new options for personalising exam preparation than ever before. Whether it is through social media, online tools, videos, blogs, or mobile apps like dPAL, exam preparation has become more interesting and simple. If you want to try preparing for competitive exams online, dPAL is a great platform to start with.

3. Create a study plan

Time is very precious. Nobody understands this better than the student who has not studied a single thing till a night prior to the exam. The key to breaking the cycle of cramming for tests is to think one step ahead and design an effective study plan. This will not only make things organized but will also make you relaxed.

4. Test yourself

It’s a strange thing, but there are times when we enter an examination hall we feel as if we are forgetting things we have studied. The best solution for this is to mentally prepare yourself. To be confident, it is better to practice mock tests online and go through the question banks. Don’t worry if you could not score well on the first attempt- the more you practice, the better will be your scores. Don’t believe us? Just practice our online JEE mock tests. There are no hard and fast rules to study when it comes to exam preparation. Everyone is different, so the best way is to find what works best for you. Best of luck guys!