A teenager is a person whose age falls within the range from 13-19. They are called so because their age number ends with ‘teen’. Adolescence, when your child goes through physical and psychological development, happens generally during teenage. Often, parents complain about having a tough time dealing with their teenage kids. They feel that their child is no more listening to them, no more studying, and not taking life seriously. However, the person to be blamed is not at all always the child. Many a time, it is the fear within parents that makes them confused. With good parenting, your child’s teenage years would become a beautiful stage in life. Here, let us look at 6 parenting tips that will make you your child’s friend in need.

  1. Respect your child:
    Your child has grown up. Her opinions and decisions are not anymore a kid’s. You have to understand that fact and respect your child. Treat her like an adult.
  2. Have an open communication channel:
    Keep your doors open. Let your child feel comfortable when talking about anything with you. This will help in understanding your child better
  3. Gain Trust:
    When you have an open channel of communication, it is easier to gain trust. Listen carefully to all the problems and just be the support they want you to be
  4. Connect with your child in social media:
    Engage with them on social media. This will build a relationship and will also give you the opportunity to watch over your child’s online life
  5. Spend quality time with your child:
    This is highly important. Be it a weekend outing or a regular family dinner, spend time with them. Apart from personal matters, talk to them about worldly affairs. Discuss a movie or a game you have watched with them
  6. Talk to them about vices/habits:
    Make them aware of bad habits and their consequences. Rather than shouting at them, give them a clear idea about all the adverse effects. You have all gone through these years and quite clearly know how wonderful it is. Welcome your child’s teenage years with joy. This is when she becomes an independent individual. Let us pave the right path and make the years ahead glorious.