JEE is regarded as the toughest entrance examination in India. How many of you are aware of the techniques using which you can choose the correct answers for MCQ’s in JEE Advanced and JEE Main?

In the Joint entrance examination, all the multiple-choice questions have four options, out of which there are times when one may be the right answer or at times two options may also be correct. Students have to circle the right option for each question. In order to choose the right answer, one should have a basic understanding of the concepts from each topic. Here, you will come across few tips that will help you choose the right answers for MCQ’s in

  1. Remove highest and lowest:
  2. If the question paper has a question that has answers in numerical values then, the first step should be to remove the extremes. In most cases, the lowest and highest values are not correct. Therefore, one should be very cautious while selecting the answer.

  3. Attempt the “No-Negative Marking” questions first:
  4. There are times when the IIT-JEE question paper includes “match the following” questions. These questions do not have any negative marking so, the student can take a chance without worrying too much about it. One should make sure they answer such questions without fail. It is very important for a student to read and understand the marking scheme correctly to score high.

  5. Try to memorize easy topics to score maximum marks:
  6. The topics related to nuclei, atoms in Physics should not be avoided during the IIT-JEE exam. In fact, these types of questions help students earn maximum marks in the examination. It will hardly take a few days to understand these topics. Therefore, try to memorize the easiest topics to score high.

  7. Pay close attention to diagrams for co-ordinate geometry:
  8. If you are among those students who are not sure of a topic, still then you can score high in the exam. You need to learn to draw a rough diagram as per the given parameters. It might take some time to draw the diagram, but it will help you score maximum marks in the exam.