Time management is the practice of preparing and adopting deliberate control over time spent on tasks to increase efficiency, productivity, and output. Due to the restrictive nature of time, for a student, it consists of completing his syllabus and reviewing it beforehand, alongside managing assignments, social life, family activities, and even hobbies and personal interests. Proper time management allows students to spend or manage activities at their own pace and convenience. A wide range of abilities, techniques, and approaches used to manage time while performing certain activities, projects, and goals by the due date can help with time management. ‘Time management’ is a skill that some students are born with, while others must learn to manage their time successfully. As a board exam student, we bring you the following suggestions that will assist you in managing your time effectively and efficiently.

What Exactly Is Good Time Management?

Successful time management is the efficient use of your day, allowing you to complete all of your tasks. It is the management and scheduling of your time for the things you must achieve. These can be assignments, projects, extracurricular activities and hobbies. Effective time management for class 10 necessitates shifting the attention from actions to outcomes. Good time management allows you to finish things with little effort and make the most of your time by increasing productivity. If you divide your time according to the tasks that you need to complete, you will be able to accomplish them efficiently by the end of the day. This is when we recognize the value of good time management. Proper time management is essential for everyone to pursue the path of success.

Top 10 Time Management Tips for Students

Class 10 is a crucial year in students’ life, so they must use excellent time management skills to complete their syllabus and stay on track. Here are some time management tips to help students master their class 10 examinations while remaining stress-free:

  1. Create a master schedule plan: Create a master schedule that you can utilize to invest time in all your important activities. A master schedule or plan will help you divide your time among all the important activities. It will assist in prioritizing work and providing structure to help you be on track to meet deadlines. Create a master plan that properly divides your time for your studies, hobbies and other co-curricular activities.
  2. Use an agenda for targeted exams: Anticipate all incoming assignments and record the due dates on the agenda. Use the agenda to arrange other activities as well, like some TV time or computer research. This will assist you in avoiding wasting time and focusing on studying for your exam according to the exam schedule.
  3. Eliminate distractions from unnecessary things: Several things might distract students and take their attention away from their schoolwork. These include mobile phones, media platforms, and even friends. When it’s time to study, you should turn off your phone and log out of all media accounts. Any time on the master schedule set out for schoolwork should be strictly distraction-free.
  4. Set goals for each study session: Set clear objectives for each day, such as how many chapters you should cover in definitive hours or practice timed mathematical worksheets. The master schedule can assist you in organizing your daily goals and completing tasks on time. Keep these objectives achievable so that your confidence levels remain high.
  5. Start working on assignments early: Good time management for students calls for early completion of assignments, so do not leave them for the last moment. Each week, sit down and go through the forthcoming tasks and examinations, adding them to the master schedule and agenda. Make time to begin working on them far before the due date so that you can avoid the undue anxiety and last-hour rush of meeting deadlines.
  6. Make a project plan: Preplanning your project can help you prevent last-minute stress. Break down assignments into smaller portions to be completed within a certain time period. This will encourage you to prepare ahead of time and begin working on projects as soon as possible.
  7. Work on one thing at a time: Multitasking appears to make you achieve more, but distributing attention between many tasks is not an effective approach always. Try and focus on one thing at a time and give it your undivided attention. Concentrating on a single activity will allow you to execute it more efficiently and successfully.
  8. Study in Shorter Bursts: Sitting for long hours will only saturate your thinking capacity. It is better to schedule short breaks after every half an hour of schoolwork. It allows your brain to recover, allowing you to return to the task at hand with more focus. Between chores, go for a quick walk, meditate, or do anything that will help you stay calm and relaxed. It would be best if you also determined your productive hours.
  9. Start early in the day: Encourage and motivate yourself to complete homework earlier in the day or directly after school. Check your agenda and master schedule to see what has to be accomplished within the day and get started early. Starting later in the evening gives you less time and energy, resulting in later bedtimes, incomplete homework, and greater stress for everyone.
  10. Get 6-8 Hours of Sleep: Getting enough sleep is essential for refreshing the brain and building up the stamina required to keep on track the following day. Use your master schedule to establish a homework deadline and bedtime for each night. Following this pattern will ensure that you have time to unwind at the end of each day and get enough sleep.

Why Is Time Management Important?

Students with good time management abilities can prioritize projects and school work and finish their syllabus and projects on time. Students may prepare ahead of time, set aside the time necessary for projects and tasks, and also have time to invest in their hobbies. Following are some reasons why time management for class 10 students is critical:

  1. Attain your objectives more quickly: good time management increases productivity. You should concentrate on one thing at a time for a certain period so that you can do justice to it and thus reach your goals faster. Give certain topics extra time to study so as to boost your marks faster.
  2. Prioritize your work: Prioritize important tasks and complete them first. You may schedule a time to work on assignments before attending to other chores by appropriate time management. This helps in accomplishing important chores on time as you can plan and set aside time to work on them.
  3. Achieve more in less time: Setting aside some time for a certain task allows you to focus more on it. By following a timetable or ways for time management, you have a better chance of completing the assignment than if you approach it without any schedule. Set aside time to work on things, and you’ll most likely forget to finish. A suitable plan helps you to devote adequate time to each work to meet your deadlines on time.
  4. Reduces stress: When you have a lengthy list of things to do and not enough time to complete them, you might rapidly get agitated. Time management allows you to prioritize things and complete them first. You’ll precisely know what you need to accomplish and how much time you have to finish each assignment this way. This reduces your worry and general tension since you have adequate time to do all of your tasks.
  5. Avoids procrastination: Procrastination leads to tension, frustration, and poor academic performance. Set up a time for tasks that would assist you in overcoming lethargy, which frequently contributes to procrastination. Good time management for class 10 students also allows for setting aside adequate time for studying or seeking assistance with the assignment. One of the most prominent causes of student procrastination is a lack of knowledge on how to approach a task.
  6. Enhances self-esteem: You can do your task on time if you manage your time wisely. This instills confidence and a sense of accomplishment, which enhances their self-esteem. Developing effective time management skills can help students throughout their life. Students who improve their time management skills become more organized and confident and study more thoroughly. When students take on additional work, good time management skills can help them stay on schedule and avoid stress.


Students with good time management can accomplish more work in less time. To avoid excessive stress throughout their examinations, all class 10 pupils must properly employ these smart time management methods. It can also help gain a sense of accomplishment after the goals are met. Having given all the above points for time management, it is also very important that the children do not forego their meals, sleep schedule, or spare time for essential entertainment while preparing for class 10. Learning ability is enhanced by a balanced schedule resulting in more preparation time. Students must ensure that they have adequate time in their study schedule to accommodate all important activities.