Every classroom is filled with interesting characters. Each type of student is unique in its own ways. Differences can be seen in the ways they interact, in their interests, hobbies, and even in their attire. Let us look at this fun-filled list of several types of characters every classroom has. See where you fit in.

1. The All-Knowing

These kids always sit on the front bench. They have an answer to every question and get good grades. They probably rank at the top and are enthusiastic and energetic.

Maxim: The majority of the classroom might not really like them. If they stop showing off a bit, they will eventually make a lot of friends.

2. The Lazy BackBenchers

Their kingdom is in the back row. Every teacher’s nightmare, they make all sorts of ruckus in a classroom. When it comes to grades, they usually score low but they are quite capable of going far beyond a teacher’s expectations.

Maxim: Being systematic and working a bit hard will get them into the good books of teachers.

3. The Comedians

Their primary job is to make the whole class laugh every now and then. They might or might not have a good rapport with teachers. Most of them are average or above average when it comes to academics.

Maxim: Keeping a grip on their tongue is the best way these guys can change for the better.

4. The Sports Fanatics

These are the popular ones, they spent more time in the gym or playground than in the classroom. They only try to get average grades because for them nothing is more important than the game. They always stick with their teammates.

Maxim: Spending a bit more time on academics will work wonders for this bunch of guys.

5. The Romantics

They are there because they want to love and to be loved. These Romeos and Juliets will always be with their partners.

Maxim: Keeping a track of the life outside their love life will help these love birds stay focused.

6. The Chilled-Out Gang

People like them a lot. Even the teachers like them though they are lazy and never finish work on time. They joke around and have friends everywhere on the campus. They make the most of their cool image and bunk classes often.

Maxim: These guys lack seriousness and take life a bit too less lightly. Changing this attitude will make them the stars of tomorrow.

7. The Quiet Ones

They hardly make a noise in the classroom. They are shy and make company with other quiet ones. They score good marks and are obedient and disciplined.

Maxim: Loneliness can be dangerous at times. It is always good to have people around you. The quiet ones need to make more friends, possibly some louder ones.

8. The Artists

Art is their breath. They could be anyone – a singer, a dancer, or a painter. Extremely talented, they shelve themselves deep into their art and often keep everything to themselves.

Maxim: Passion drives these guys but getting too deep might make them disconnected from the outside world. Spending some time on different activities will make things better for them.

9. The Dreamers

Daydreaming is their art. With a concentration span less than a goldfish, they drift around in their dreams. They make good company with everyone in the class. However, they might not stick with a single group.

Maxim: Lack of concentration can lead to serious failures. These daydreamers need to make concentration their greatest strength.

Now, where do you see yourself? If you are not sure, where do you see your close friend? You probably belong there. If you still can’t find out and feel that you are different from all these, feel free to drop a comment below.

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