Getting into a good college can give you the right guidance and support to prepare yourself for an amazing career. But the choice of stream totally lies in your hands and this decision has to be made even before you pick a college.

Although you can change your stream, later on, the people who choose the right stream based on their strengths and aptitude get a serious advantage in building a successful career. Therefore this decision has to be an informed one.

In case you know what it is that you want to pursue, you are one of the lucky ones. For the others, there are many things that you could do to discover the right thing for you. Deeksha provides all class 10 students a chance to realize their strengths through R-DSAT.

R-DSAT is an aptitude test that helps you test your skills and realize what it is that you are good at. Your results are given to you immediately after the test. To make this convenient you can take up RDSAT at your home on a tab that our counselor will bring along and the test will be followed by a counseling session tailor-made for you based on your skills as indicated by the test results.

Anyone who intends to take one step ahead in making the right career choice by making an informed decision can register for R-DSAT. One small step towards a long and successful career!