Success is the result of sheer will, determination, hard work, and adequate preparation. And when you are in a country with a billion people, a lot more factors come into play and pure success becomes something that is pretty hard to come by. Our country is home to one of the toughest and most disciplined education systems in the world. Here, every exam witnesses an unbelievable competition. In that regard, the first time a student experiences such an implausible competition is probably after schooling. It is often regarded as a career turning point. It is at this junction, they take up a course and begin their college education to define their future.

Depending upon the course, students want to pursue, there are several entrance examinations one can take. Engineering and medical streams continue to be in top demand. JEE Main/Advanced, NEET, and several state-level entrance exams are taken up each year by lakhs of students. You will be surprised to know that the toppers of all these exams start their preparation quite early. Usually, the coaching for these toughest exams starts during class 8th and 9th. There are several such foundation courses available online and offered by eminent institutes.

This kind of early preparation doesn’t really take a lot of a child’s time. Probably an hour or so daily is needed for such foundation courses. It is only after matriculation, students need to put in an extra bit of work. But if you are prepared from the very beginning itself, even the two years of 10+1 and 10+2 need not be hectic. And this is exactly why foundation courses are so effective. Here, we have mentioned certain simple tips for high school students to follow if they want to crack the toughest exams in our country.

  • Start your preparation with NCERT or ISC textbooks
  • Understanding concepts is really important. This lays the foundation needed
  • Problem-solving is a skill that should be developed. It will make all the difference in the future too
  • Speed is a major differentiator. Practice mental calculation techniques to increase your mathematical ability 
  • A reference book other than your NCERT text is also needed. There are plenty of such good guides available
  • Solve previous year’s questions. Make it a routine
  • Take up mock tests regularly and finally
  • Learn to manage your time efficiently

For medical exams, the whole difference is made by biology. Thorough knowledge of the subject is highly essential here. Revising your portions and a bit of memorising will help you crack any medical entrance exam. You will have to remember a lot of names in biology. So, make charts and small notes and go through it regularly.

The early bird catches the worm. However, in India, there aren’t enough worms and almost all birds are early to rise. Our country is highly ambitious and it is getting more and more competitive with each passing second. To build a successful career, you have to be clearly ahead of time. Planning and preparing efficiently at the very earliest is the only way to keep up with the cut-throat competition. But first, it is important to discover yourself. You must have a clear goal in your mind. And when you have it, do not let anything stop you from achieving it.