We often get to hear about how the most successful people we know of had really tough beginnings. And one thing that we can notice is that only surreal success is what is focused on.

This is not a bad thing as such because it surely gets us all pumped up and motivated to bring a similar change in our lives irrespective of where we stand currently.

Yes, it is true that we can turn things around no matter at what point we are at. But it would be a grave mistake to expect things to turn around rapidly without putting in much effort. It goes without saying that the bigger the change we expect, the bigger is the effort involved. Perhaps, we would be never able to gauge the exact amount of effort involved.

Discounting the effort involved leads to setting goals and just expecting things to change. This could cause a lot of distress because our expectations will never be met without putting in the work. All this may make us feel like things may never change for us but that would be totally inaccurate. Just one thing to remember that, a great transformation in terms of improvement requires a great transformation in the amount of work we put in and the way we do it.