It has been a rough patch for all the II PUC students with the news of the chemistry question paper leaks and the rescheduling of the exams. However, there is a need for the students to stay calm and focus on preparing for the re-exams.

Tips to help you do well in your re-exam

1. Avoid pointless discussions – Do not engage in discussions about why this happened or what could’ve been different or what the PU Board should do. This is only going to make you feel like a victim and take you completely off track. Choose to be wise and do not let any of this affect your results or your performance. Talk about it after all your exams are done if you really have to!

2. Move on – Accepting that this has happened and that it is an uncontrollable factor is the first step towards doing well in your re-exam. Understand that there is a new task at hand and start doing what is required.

3. Do not lose sight of your goals – It is easy to be demotivated and lose sight of your goal. You may have written the exam once and brought things to closure with that subject. Now you need to keep the momentum going and find the zeal with which you prepared for the exam the first time.

4. Adapt – Doing the same things as the last time may make things monotonous and frustrating. Try doing things that you didn’t find the time for the last time. Write a model paper or some tough answers or have a quiz with your study partner or anything else that you hadn’t done. Everyone has always wished for an extra day to tighten up some loose ends. Now you have that extra time.

5. Do not worry about the results – If you have done well once, you will most probably do well again and if you hadn’t studied well the last time then looks like you have received a second chance. Whatever the case, you are still in a good position. Do not stress yourself about the results or how tough the next question paper may be. Do your bit and you are completely sorted.

There are things that catch us off guard all the time but our resilience at these points determines the outcome. So do what you need to and have a stress free exam time :)

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