As we come close to those critical days when children start to feel the heat of the examination days, the stress and pressure tend to increase with every passing day. This affects both children and their families, more so because this is that crucial phase that would determine the outcome of the efforts of one whole year.

Here is something which could go a long way in calming the nerves and help one and all sail through this testing period and emerge with flying colours: Music! That’s what it is!

Music has the ability to quickly shift our mood, affect our subconscious mind and clear all the negative thoughts that feed on our fears. Listening to music is a relatively inexpensive and immediate cure that can magically relieve stress and inject optimism and energy. This could help in creating an environment that is conducive to focus and learn better.

Rejuvenate the environment at home for children and for yourself by investing just 5 minutes listening to the audio clip in the below-given link, at any time of the day (also any number of times a day). Do share it with anyone else who could also benefit from it.

 (This video is an excerpt from the track ‘Dancing with love’ – Album Joyous Spirit by J.MicheleBodine)

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on this article and join us in the journey to enable every child at Deeksha to blossom to his/her full potential.