Most of the students decide their career path after the class 10 board exam results are declared when they have to choose a stream they would like to get in. However, everyone is not the same. There are a few who already are confident about what they have to study right from class 10. If you have an aim of clearing IIT-JEE here are few reasons to start the IIT-JEE preparation from class 10th.   In class 10, students are introduced to a whole new world of Mathematics and Science. Students learn the basics of Algebra, Distances, Height and various other calculative skills.

Class X plays a vital role in enhancing student’s problem-solving skills and concept building.

In fact, there are some topics in std. 10 that are repeated later. Most of the topics from class 10th CBSE syllabus is as same as JEE Main syllabus. Paying attention to things taught in the class helps students strengthen their basics, but at the same time also helps them get into the top engineering institutes.

Common class 10th topics with JEE Main syllabus:

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Motion Atomic Structure Quadratic equations
Force and Newton’s Laws Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure Co-ordinate Geometry
Work, Energy and Power Environmental Chemistry Trigonometry
Gravitation States of Matter Probability

Benefits of preparing for IIT-JEE from class 10

There are many reasons to prepare for IIT-JEE from class 10 onwards. Below mentioned are a few of the obvious reasons:

    • Extra edge over peer :

Students preparing for JEE since class 10 will definitely have extra benefits over their friends. The study materials designed by experts help them understand the basic concepts in a much better way. Early JEE preparation will leave them with ample time them for practice and revision. By the time they reach their PU, they would have completed their revision and practice most of the important concepts several times.

    • No need of joining special coaching classes :

A lot of students who study for JEE from class 10 generally join special coaching classes in order to cover the syllabus fast. These coaching classes are very costly. One can avoid joining these classes if they start their preparation from class 10 onwards.

    • Students become confident:

Considering the vast syllabus, preparing for JEE is not so easy. Revision and regular practice are a must if one wants to score well in the exam and get into a prestigious college. This is the point where class X students preparing for JEE win over those students who start their preparation in PU. Early preparation enhances their confidence level.

    • Sufficient time :

Students studying in class XI gets only 2 years to prepare for JEE. While those studying in class X get 3 years to finish the same JEE syllabus. During the last months, when the students who started studying late will be busy in preparation, the ones who started preparation early will have plenty of time in hand to work on the finer aspects of difficult questions.

    • No panic :

If one starts practising JEE questions while they are in class X, they will get acquainted with the question pattern. So, students don’t need to fear thinking what will be the questions in the exam, will he or she be able to finish the syllabus in time.

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