Many times students ask this question as to why taking an aptitude test is so important before choosing a stream in class XI. The answer to this question is very simple. . Like to be successful in anything we need to first plan for it. In a similar manner to be successful in our career, we should have a plan for that. Planning for a career begins with choosing the right stream or subject combination in class 11.

The subjects you choose after class 10 becomes the foundation of your career, they determine the eligibility criteria for the stream you choose after 2nd PUC and your performance is also assessed on how well you score in these subjects. So, it becomes a very important decision.

How to make a career decision?

If we look at how this decision is taken, there are many ways that students follow. Sometimes they choose a stream as per parent’s suggestions, sometimes they choose a subject because their friends have chosen that, sometimes students make a choice of their own based on the limited information they have. These are not the right way to choose a particular stream.

The best way to choose a particular stream is to take an aptitude test. Aptitude is defined as the acquired ability of a student to perform certain responsibilities. Factors like verbal reasoning, speed, accuracy and several other such abilities are boosted through aptitude tests.

Benefits of career aptitude tests:

  1. Choosing a career: An aptitude test will tell you about your skills and abilities. This plays a vital role in deciding a career. For example, if you plan to pursue engineering, you should be good in Maths and Science. Attending an aptitude test will help you gauge your knowledge in subjects.
  2. Identifying the various career options. Students can discover more about the careers that match their results and focus more on the particular subject.
  3. Assessing one’s skill level, interests and competence. Aptitude tests help students recognize the strengths they have in them and show them how their skills correspond to various careers.
  4. Finding the right college. Once students are clear about which stream to choose, they can search for the best colleges that offer the same courses.
  5. Academic enhancement: Taking an aptitude test will help students know their strong and weak subjects. So accordingly, they can work on the weak subject and improve.