More than a month at college has passed by. You now probably have a vague idea about college life. The transition should seem interesting. You are connecting with different people. Things that you learn are a bit different. Some of you might have liked the change but there will be some finding it difficult to adjust. Things might not have gone the way they expected. Of course, there should be plenty of reasons for it but the standout one has got to be the difficulty to network. To simply put, lack of friends. Everything seems a bit awkward when you are on a new campus. You don’t know how things work there, you don’t know the rules, you don’t know the cool places and you definitely don’t know anybody. It is normal to be that way but not for long. If you feel that it is really difficult to make new pals, you should definitely do something about it ASAP.

Try some of these 7 tips on the very next day of your college and see if it works.

  1. Be approachable – Don’t isolate yourself. Be it lunchtime, recess, or a free hour, present yourself as welcoming and friendly
  2. Put a big cute smile – A smile is the beginning of a friendship, love, and all that which is good. So, put one on your face and greet the world
  3. Join clubs – Well, there is nothing better than clubs to connect with like-minded people. Joining one has a lot of perks. You get to do what you like with people who like the same thing. What better way to make friends
  4. Take part in co-curricular activities – If you are into music, dance, and stuff like that, find the right people and showcase your talent. Meet the ones with similar tastes. Trust me, the meeting part won’t be hard.
  5. Stay at your campus after college hours – Spend some extra time at the campus. Don’t just run off right after the last bell.
  6. Sports –  Nobody needs advice on what to do next if you like sports. The ground is your home. Just play and you will get connected in a matter of days
  7. Ask doubts, questions – It is not at all weird to ask someone where the restroom is when you are a newbie. Whenever you are clueless, ask anybody around, don’t be shy. Who knows, that conversation might just trigger a lifelong friendship.

One of life’s greatest gifts is friendship. Never miss out on it. The kind of joy, support, and care a friend could give are unique and often unmatchable.