With portions of the whole year up for the final exam, you must find a way to remember everything you read. Forgetting what you enjoyed reading is quite normal. But you can’t expect it when you are studying. So, how can you remember everything you have read easily? Fortunately, you can do it by doing the whole thing a bit creatively. Here, we have listed down seven reading strategies that will help you memorize effortlessly.

Understand the why and what of the topic

Before, you actually go through a topic, understand why you are reading it in the first place. Then, you may read a summary on the topic. If you have understood the relevance and went through a small brief about the topic, learning the details become much easier.

Breaking down into smaller concepts

When studying large topics, break them down into smaller pieces. A bigger view of the whole concept is easily understood this way. However, make sure you break down concepts into relevant smaller points

Noting/highlighting points

Note down important points or highlight them. The critical reader in you will come into play by doing so. Focus on key points, headings, pictures, graphs, etc. This will also help you when you do your revision.

Create mental pictures

Create mental pictures relatable to the topic whenever you read. This will come in handy especially for subjects which involve a lot of content such as history and geography. Memorising places, events and dates will become easier with mental pictures.

Readout loud

Now, this is another way to memorise any topic. Though not suitable for everyone, reading at least the answers or important points will help you remember the material better. If you are not comfortable with this, try asking yourself questions about the topic itself.

Discuss with Friends

Have a good conversation about the topic with your friend. Exchanging your views and thoughts with another person will help you study more about the subject. Teaching a friend is also another good idea.

Read again

When you are finished with your portions and have ample time left, try reading the whole subject again. Go through the important points and notes thoroughly. This is how you can master a subject.

You will have to work harder and plan better to ace the final exams. You will also have to read a lot these days and it is important that the things you read stay in your head. Try these seven simple tips to achieve that task quite effortlessly. When you are done with all your studies, take up a preparatory test to evaluate yourself. The result of the test will help you do your final revision better.