There always seems to be a choice between self-study and coaching for competitive exams, something that rarely happens with PUC. Maybe it’s because we do not need a certification for competitive exam preparation and we feel we could do better without formal coaching. If ever we were given a similar choice for PUC would we choose self-study and if we do choose self-study, would we still get the same results if not better?

Just to keep our understanding aligned; self-study would be studying using books and other material without the supervision or the assistance of a real person.

Here’s something to consider before making a choice

Theoretically, it is possible for everyone to manage with ‘self-study’ since learning something is all about the student putting in the required effort to understand something. While someone can be assisted with this, no one else can do it for the student.

But practically speaking nothing happens unless the student puts things into action after planning and not everyone manages to put in the work required without external motivation or assistance.

Solution: Figure out what it is that works for you. If you haven’t managed to stay motivated all by yourself in the past, choose coaching without a doubt. There’s nothing wrong is choosing the assistance. All that matters is your results.

Do not get carried away by baseless talks and opinions, just stick to what you need. There’s always a person who breaks all benchmarks – ex. someone who does well without much effort or in unfavorable conditions. But choosing to make things tough just to follow something that looks cool isn’t a wise choice. What works for you is your truth!

Bottom-line is you need to be true to yourself and use your knowledge of how you work, to guide you.

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