All of us have seen that children nowadays are very comfortable using electronic gadgets and equipment. Some of us may have experienced 18-year-old teaching us how to win an iPhone game or how to operate a particular app on a smartphone. The use of smartphones is not restricted to playing or using certain apps; nowadays more and more people have started using them as a tool for education too.

In today’s technological world, learning is not restricted to the four walls of the classroom, it can happen anywhere. With the help of a wide range of apps in smartphones, one can learn, even start their exam preparation anywhere in a museum, in a bus, in the living room, etc.

What can a learner do with a Smartphone?

Students can take notes and take up practice tests using smartphone apps like dPAL (Deeksha Personalised Assisted Learning). The Android app is one of the best tools to prepare for CBSE board exams. Through this android app, students can enhance their preparation for competitive exams like KCET, PU 2 Science, and Commerce.

The CBSE exam content available in this app is designed in a format to match the difficulty with the exam preparation level of the student.  It covers subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Bio, English, and Maths. Some of the interesting features of this program are as follows:

Engaging Video: Designed by experienced teachers, these unique videos will help students discuss all the important concepts in each chapter. The 3 to 5-minute long video is planned in a way as to provide complete coverage of each chapter in every subject. The video sessions lay a solid foundation in Science thus making science preparation a cakewalk.

Complete analysis: Students can get a complete analysis of their performance and record their progress by taking up online mock tests and practice tests. It helps students know the areas which need improvement so that they can improve work on it to improve their score in the future.

The app is available free in Google Playstore. Students just need to explore the App Store and install the app.