Positive Affirmation is a wonderful way of helping someone who is coping with stress. Putting it in other words ‘Positive Affirmation’ would be simply assuring someone about the positive and the nice things about that person and about life in general.

When done regularly it could be the source of a tremendous boost in the confidence and self-esteem of a person which could positively impact a person’s approach to life.

It’s a gift they may never remember, but one which will fill your life and theirs with love.

Here’s a quick and effective way to do it – Every night, as the kids sleep, whisper a message of love and hope in their ears.

We may never know the effect it may have on them over the years, but we may experience the effect it has on us as a parent. Every night through this, our words to them will remind us of what our role as a parent should be. It will remind us of just how dearly we love them, how beautiful and unique each of them is in this world.

Few examples:

You are unique yet wonderful the way you are.

I love you more than anything.

You are strong yet compassionate.

The world needs you.

The people around you are delightful. You love them & they love you too.

This is just one simple way among the innumerable other ways to give positive affirmations. The more creative we get the more we would enjoy it and the more it’ll help us.