Often we find that science is considered to be a better choice of the stream to pursue and something that will make us more successful. However, this would be poor judgment and it is proved by the fact that a lot of successful people come from a commerce background. Joe Kaeser & Jeffrey R Immelt, who are the CEOs of two of the biggest Engineering companies, Siemens and GE, come from a commerce background. That being said commerce is a very promising stream for those who are passionate about this.

As we go through the academic rigor of 2 years of PU education all of the efforts culminate at one point which is our 2nd PU Board Exam. All our focus through these days would’ve been in understanding the commerce subjects that we had studied and got all the key aspects down. All this aside, the importance of doing well and getting a good score in the board exams is paramount.

However, the strategy used while preparing for the exams is completely different from the one we used during these 2 years

  • Till now the strategy was to study hard but now it is all about studying smart!
  • This is based on the understanding that learning a subject and scoring marks are two different ball games.
  • Once we realize this, half our load would be reduced and we could focus our attention on key areas that matter.

One thing is for sure, we never want to be that person who knows the subject but hasn’t scored well in the exams and is wondering what went wrong! Nothing can be as frustrating as this.

Have a Method

  • Know the important topics
  • Be thorough with the previous year questions
  • Figure out the right way to answer questions

Deeksha Network has released a commerce program with the new update of the android app ‘Deeksha PAL. This is a no-nonsense app created just to help you to excel in the board exams and hence is focused in its approach.

The team includes people who have been involved in setting board exam papers. Rest assured that this would be one of the most efficient ways to prepare for your exams.


  • All 2nd PU commerce subjects have been added
  • The grueling task of collating all previous year’s question papers would come to an end as this app has all the relevant previous year’s question papers organized based on their difficulty level.
  • Now to address the conundrum ‘It’s not how much we write but what we write that matters. Marking schemes and detailed breakdown of answers has been given ample attention by the team of experts, as these could considerably boost our performance in the exams with minimal effort.

Deeksha PAL is currently completely FREE and now that it includes commerce content, commerce students have no reason not to ace their exams.

All that’s left to do is to download the app on your phone and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Subscribe to Deeksha PAL and get more out of your smartphone and tabs.