Does the title frighten you? Does it seem a bit odd? Well, it is neither frightening nor odd. It is actually the right thing to do as a parent when your child is about to choose a career.

Before pondering over your child’s future, give your child the freedom to choose. Mentoring her would be the best thing that you could do to make her dreams come true. Very often, the impossible becomes possible when a career and a passion come together. Listen to your child’s dreams and passions, understand her traits and character. Make her feel responsible for her decisions.

A degree program or a branch of study need not be a professional one to have a successful career. There is nothing like a bad degree program. There are only bad choices. And if you want your child to be successful, let her chase her passion. The world is becoming highly competitive and the best way to deal with it is to do what you love. Take your child’s word seriously if she says she wants to be a singer. It doesn’t matter if she has topped every competitive exam. If her heart lies in singing, let her sing, let her touch a million hearts with her music. That way, you are giving your child the chance to possibly change the world. You are teaching her the value of freedom and love.

You might be owing to your success to your parents because you listened and obeyed them. But the times have changed and so has the world. Your kid’s tech-savvy generation probably knows more about the world than you. Born and brought up in the digital era, she is used to getting knowledge at her fingertips. She is aware of the options and choices available to her. Help her if she has doubts, help her if she is confused but never force your dreams on her.