There was a time when the newest tools of education technology consisted of a well-used primer, notebooks, pencils, slate blackboard and a sturdy ruler kept always ready to rap the knuckles of any student whose thoughts seemed to be moving away from his or her studies.

Times have changed, though. Now, not only the tools in the classroom have changed, but also many new exam preparation tools have also been invented. Nowadays, students can prepare online for exams like CBSE 11, 12, PU 2, K-CET and many other competitive exams anywhere, anytime. Today’s modern educational tools are more interactive and engaging.

Often they are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted or tailored to meet the needs of students at all skill levels.  One very apt example of the versatility of today’s modern educational technology is the android apps used in smartphones, like dPAL. Today, we will hardly find any student without a smartphone, a tablet or an e-reader.

Ways Smartphones have changed Education

No more use of paper notes: Do you remember the time when teachers used to come with notes photocopied and then distribute it among the class? If you think it is still happening, you are wrong. With apps like dPAL, students can get a synopsis, previous year question papers, mock tests and many more for the best online exam preparation.

Interactive Materials: It is not only the mode of sharing, which has been changed, but also what is shared has undergone changes. Nowadays, notes do not come in the form of text and pictures like in the CBSE 11 program of dPAL students can find an overview video in which important concepts from each chapter are discussed. This feature helps a student understand the concept better.

So, make use of technology and enhance your exam preparation using android apps.