Deeksha, a pioneer in integrated coaching for PU students who aspire to crack engineering and medical entrance exams, announced the launch of new campuses in Hyderabad on the 16th of November, 2016.  A popular name in the field of education in Karnataka and Maharashtra, Deeksha takes another step forward towards “Enabling Academic Aspirations.”

Speaking to the media in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Dr. Sridhar G, Founder and Managing Director of Deeksha, said, “Deeksha specializes in “empowering the students to study Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and prepares them for competitive exams. Adding to this, he said that at Deeksha, we make sure the child enjoys studying. They should not have the fear in mind rather they should enjoy going to college.”?

Deeksha’s methodology of teaching helps students not just to excel in academics but in acquiring holistic education. At Deeksha, classes are a combination of preparation for board and competitive exams. They are designed to simultaneously cover a concept for board exam level as well as competitive exams level. Learning is made more effective by incorporating technology into the regular class.

Classes are focused more on kindling student’s curiosity rather than regular blackboard teaching. When concepts are clearly introduced, the student will become capable of solving questions on his or her own without needing to depend on the teacher beyond what is necessary. Through this, Deeksha induces the practice of self-learning and gives the space to explore the subjects with ease, making students confident about taking on the challenging topics later on.