Around 12 lakh Engineering aspirants who took up Joint Entrance Exam this year can now take an easy breathe as the JEE Main results were out this evening.

150 plus students from Deeksha qualified for the JEE Advanced. Rahul BS scored 303, Chimnay M Dharmendra scored 291, Abhishek SB scored 255, Preetham Venkatesh scored 254.

Rahul BS who scored 303 said, “My preparation as well and I was expecting to score 308. However, I’m happy with my score. My teachers helped in getting my concepts clear which immensely helped me in scoring better. I want to get into the field of research specifically in Quantum Physics.” The Excellence batch gave us a lot of time to focus on our preparations. We had teachers who continuously helped us in clarifying our doubts. Before the exam, just a week back we solved close 15- 20 mock papers which were very helpful for me.”

Chimnay M Dharmendra who scored 291 and an aspirant of IISC said, “I am happy that I qualified for Advanced. I had expected the same score. I’m aiming to get into IISC and work in research. I particularly want to research the topic of the Atomic Model. My experience in the Excellence batch has been mixed, though it was hard to get adjusted to the rigorous schedule for the first few months, it became easier along the way. I enjoyed all the classes and the teachers have been very inspiring here. I started liking organic chemistry because of my teacher. Overall it’s been very helpful in my preparations”

Abhishek SB who scored 255, said, “I felt I could have scored a little better than this. I have not yet decided whether to go for pure sciences or engineering. The time spent here has been a learning experience. Most of our teachers were very good.”

Preetham Venkatesh – 254: “I am not very happy with my score, as I feel I could have done better. My preparations have been very good, however, my performance in the exam could have been better. The time spent here has been a good learning experience and I’ll be taking back a lot of memories. We have got the best coaching from the best of teachers. I’ve not yet decided what course to take up, I’ll be deciding after I write the Advanced.’

Dr. Sridhar, Founder Deeksha said, More than 130 students from Deeksha have made their way to JEE Advanced. This is a commendable performance!” he also said, “The credit goes to our teachers, who trained them to stay focused. Now the biggest challenge for these students is to stay focused and crack JEE-Advanced. For that, a student needs to dedicate himself wholly to achieve his dream.”