“Can I crack IIT-JEE” is a question that may have crossed many minds? The cause of skepticism for many students is the fact that lakhs of students take up this competitive exam and that this crowd may comprise of a large number of smart students.

While trying to answer this question we must remember that IIT-JEE is just a means to an end and is not the final thing. Cracking IIT-JEE ensures you a seat in an elite engineering college in the country thereby giving you a good start to a career in engineering. This is something to consider if you are coming under peer pressure or any other reason to take up this exam.

Let us consider that you are interested in IIT-JEE for all the right reasons and go ahead in taking a look at the question ‘Can an average student crack IIT-JEE? The answer is – It depends. With the subjective nature of this question, you could say that the ‘average’ tag may just be an indication of your performance in the past and may not truly be an indication of your true potential. Furthermore, there is always the reasoning that persistence trumps talent.

Over the years there have been success stories of average students and students from different backgrounds doing well in the IIT-JEE exam. Any advice from anyone who has not gone through this experience with a positive result may be misleading. So it is best to forget about all the stereotypes associated with IIT-JEE and directly talk to the people who have cleared this exam. Anyway no matter where you stand here’s what will give you a fighting chance:

While these can be broken down into many other smaller aspects, it may not really be worth the time to actually do it. For anyone who still wants to take a better look into whether you can crack the IIT-JEE, you can take up DSAT (Bangalore), DSAT (Maharashtra) & DSAT (Rest of Karnataka). These aptitude tests are specially designed to give you an analytical look into the skills that you currently possess and what you could focus on to have a well-rounded preparation.

Be informed and secure your future!