Working towards something that is best suited for your skillset and interests can be a very pleasant experience. It almost seems as though you are more inclined to put in the hard work than to dread it and procrastinate. That’s why it is important to figure out what is best suited for you when it comes to your career.

Preparing for competitive exams like JEE Main/ JEE Advanced/ AIPMT/ CET starts with you narrow down your focus on one particular exam of your choice. Not that you cannot take up the other exams but choosing to focus on one increases your chances of success.

However, randomly choosing something may not be the best way to go and that is why Deeksha conducts an aptitude test named R-DSAT which assesses you based on different skills that are required to crack each of these exams. Based on your score you could make a clear decision on what to focus your attention on.

R-DSAT can be taken in Mumbai and Pune. So take your first step and be free of confusion. Register for R-DSAT now!