With students getting more than a month’s preparation time for JEE Advanced after JEE Main, it is crucial that you stay away from distraction in the last lap of your journey.

  • It’s not cricket season for you, it’s IIT season – T20 World Cup is on. By the time it’s time to focus on JEE Advanced, it will be IPL season. Picture this. You want to know who wins the toss; then you tell yourself you will watch the batting of your favorite player. The tension mounts. You want to know how much they will score. Soon, it will b the other team’s turn to bat. Now you are on the edge of your seat. You want to know what the outcome is. And before you realize it, the time you had allotted for revising electrostatics is gone. Turn off the TV. Ask your brother to go to the neighbor’s house to watch the match if he wants to.
  • There will be friends of yours who will not be taking JEE Advanced. It would be a good time to put your phone away. Because for the ones who would not be taking the JEE Advanced, their vacations have begun and they are easing down after a stressful exam season. Of course, they’d want you to have fun with them! You’re part of the group, and how can they leave you behind? But if you’re serious about cracking the JEE Advanced, it’s better to make yourself unavailable.
  • Taking JEE Advanced mock tests is one way to sober down in a flash. Take them every day. Not only do they indicate your strengths, but they also tell you where you need to spend more time.
  • Spend some time by yourself. It is good to cut off the noise around you. Take a walk around your neighborhood without your phone or mp3 player. This will help you calm down and listen to your mind.