Day-to-day advancement in technology is bringing you the easiest ways to learn and study, and the internet is playing a vital role in it. If you are a class 12 Science student from the CBSE board, then you will be happy to hear that now you can enhance your exam preparation using your Android phone.

dPAL is an android app that helps students prepare well for their board and competitive exams. The CBSE 12 science program available in this app helps:

  • Students learn formulas without any problem.
  • Memorize vital formulas as well as topics included in science. This program is specially designed for the CBSE board, using which students can download the previous year’s question paper for practice.
  • The unique features of this android app make it more interesting and useful. This is a great application that provides a great medium to download or read the notes online prepared by experts.

Are you among those who face difficulty in learning formulas? Or are you lazy enough to maintain a pocket diary? If so, there is a good option for you. With dPAL available on your phone, you will be able to solve numerical whenever and wherever you want. This is not an app, it is your friend which will help you enhance your exam preparation.

Do you need solved question papers for the subject you are preparing? If yes, simply download dPAL and enjoy the experience of downloading a free samples and previous year’s question papers. This is one of the most useful apps that students can use for studies. dPAL proves to be super useful during the final few months before the board exam because this is the time when students would have completed their syllabus.

dPAL is now available at Google Playstore. Download it for free and start using the app now!