When we sit down to think about anything without a particular direction, a lot of things may strike our mind and the entire exercise will only add to the confusion. If you are trying to make an informed decision on choosing the right Junior College for you, it will really help to have a few pointers to give your thought process some direction. Keep these at the back of your head and you’ll make things a lot simpler.

1.Figuring out your goals – You would be shooting in the dark if you do not know your goals. Figure out what your goals are with respect to your career and only then go on to the next stages. Take some time if you have to. Once you are sorted here, most of the work is done.

2.Shortlisting colleges – Your goals will help you list down your requirements easily. Use this list and shortlist the colleges that fit the bill. When the number of options is considerably reduced you can get down to probing a little more into these colleges by taking a look at the websites or by visiting the campuses.

3.Results – Going through the results the institution has been able to produce gives you a glimpse into the efficacy of whatever is undertaken at the colleges with respect to academics. While this may not be completely conclusive, the next tip will seal it.

4.Talking to your seniors – Talk to your seniors and show them your list. Having gone through the same phase in the recent past, they will be well equipped to guide you. You could also talk to the students who have graduated from the institutions that you have shortlisted.

Try to keep things structured and avoid overthinking so that you can make the right choice without stressing yourself out. If you are looking to study for JEE Main/ Adv./ NEET along with HSC you can take a look at the Deeksha campuses in Maharastra.