Let’s first agree on the fact that memorizing is a tiring process. It is no fun, and nobody really likes to do it. But most of the subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are loaded with formulas and equations that must be memorized. It might be hard for a lot of students to get all this up in their heads. It can also confuse and take away a lot of their time.  So, how can one find a solution to this dilemma? Luckily, we have listed down five extremely simple ways to etch any equations and formulas into the memory forever.

1) Mastering the concept

Now, this is the best way to approach any formula. Rather than just memorizing formulas, go behind the theory of it. Learn how it is proven. When you are crystal clear with the concept, you really don’t need to by heart anything. You can always rebuild the formula if you can’t recollect it all of a sudden.

2) Mnemonic devices

This is probably the most common approach used to memorize anything from formulas to definitions. There are numerous standard mnemonic devices that have been in the use for years. You can also create your own mnemonic devices. For example, SOH CAH TOA is a mnemonic device used for learning formulas of sine, cosine, and tangent.
Sin θ = Opposite/Hypotenuse
Cos θ = Adjacent/Hypotenuse
Tan θ = Opposite/Adjacent

3) Make charts or small notes

Create charts or small notes on every formula and if you can take a look at it daily, these formulas or equations will get engraved into your memory pretty quickly. However, this is a tiring process and often than not requires a lot of time.

4) PracticeThe more your practice applying these formulas, the more you become familiar with them. Try solving out as many problems as possible. Although this will take a lot of time, it is totally worth it. You will eventually understand how the formulas work.

5) Different methods of learning

Try learning formulas in a different way. Read out loud, teach a friend or learn by watching videos that explain the theory in detail.

Try these simple tips and you will never again stumble upon a quadratic equation wondering what the formula for finding the roots is.

Learning requires a lot of energy, making it important for the body to stay fit. Manage your diet and sleep to keep the brain fresh and full of energy. Prepare for the exam by constant evaluation. Assess your depth of knowledge by taking up preparatory tests and sample papers.