Small things that make a difference at the final stage – Attending the exam and writing the paper.

1.   Make a checklist of all the things that you need to carry (Hall Ticket & ID Card are super important).

2.   Verify everything against this checklist every time you leave for an exam.

3.   Reach the campus at least 30 minutes before the exam and be seated in the exam hall 15 minutes before the time.

4.   Do not wear pullovers/sweaters. Pouches aren’t allowed either.

5.   Look out for the seating arrangement as it changes for every exam.

6.   Remember to check your vicinity for any bits of paper and get rid of it.

7.   Preferably use black ballpoint pens to answer your exam.

8.   Use a pen that will not run out of ink halfway through your exam. In case you wish to use a different pen inform your invigilator and get their signature on the answer script.

9.   Fill in all the details in the answer booklet legibly.

10.   Maintain legible handwriting throughout and highlight the important points. You would surely want to be in the good books of the examiner.

11. Cross-check the roll number that you’ve written and do not forget to write it on the question paper as well.

12. Cross-check the question numbers.

13.   When time permits, always go through the answers that you’ve written to get the marks you deserve.

14.   Don’t even consider indulging in malpractice. Not worth it on any level.

15.   Read and follow the general instructions.

16.   Stay calm and positive throughout.

All the best for your board exams and hope you do better than your best :)