Students spend a huge amount of time preparing for the engineering entrance exams, i.e JEE Main:

and JEE Advanced, but scoring high in the exam is just the beginning. The battle starts when students have to decide which branch to choose in engineering. The branch one chooses will decide what he or she will do in 4 years of college and will affect the entire career.  Some of the common choices in this field are electrical, mechanical, civil, and computer science. However, apart from these, there are several other branches like instrumentation, marine, aeronautical, marine, and biotechnology. Here are a few tips that will make the daunting task of choosing the right branch simple for you:

  • Select the branch as per your interests: Don’t think about the scope of work, the money you will earn, etc., and just find out what your passion is. If you follow your passion, you will definitely have a successful professional life. You should never get into a field in which you do not have an interest. Start thinking about the little things that seem to be interesting for you and you may realize which field holds your interest.
  • Aim for the best college: You should have a list of colleges that specialize in the field in which you have an interest. Do not take up a course, depending on its popularity or because your friends are taking it. You have to research and ask around before you decide to spend four years in a college that does not teach the field which you prefer.
  • Pressure from peers: Very few among us know how to handle peer pressure. If you are not sure about the area in which you have an interest or if you decide to opt a particular subject because your best friend has opted it, then you will have a tough time deciding the right branch in engineering. Don’t let these things bother you. Be calm and focus on things that are important.

Do a proper research, ask and do whatever needed, but never choose a college that attracts students by making fake promises on amazing job placements.