There is a saying by a great American businessman ‘Work hard and deserve what you want because the world is not yet a crazy place where it rewards undeserving people’. Being underprepared for CET and expecting a good rank would be a sure-shot way of getting yourself into trouble.

Unlike PU Board exams, CET is a ‘competitive’ exam and hence the kind of preparation that is required is completely different. What am I doing differently from the rest of the crowd that would keep me one step ahead? That’s the question we need to keep asking ourselves while preparing for CET.

Let’s make the requirement clear!

  • An experienced teacher guiding you
  • Learning shortcuts and solving problems in a smarter way
  • Practice, to develop speed

These are the 3 indispensable things at this point.

Why do you need an experienced teacher?

Because this could help you shave off the tens of hours that we may spend on using an inefficient study system. With the teacher you directly get to the things you are meant to be doing and nothing else.

With smartphones and tabs becoming so common, people are developing all the right products. ‘CET Cracker’ is an app that has been released by Deeksha to help students be well prepared for CET.

The good part is that if you do not have a smartphone or if you prefer using your computer for studying, you could use it from your browser or even buy the DVDs.

The value that CET Cracker offers:

  • CET Cracker helps you be prepared for both CET and COMED K exams.
  • Travelling and problems with timings are completely eliminated
  • Lectures by the best teachers available at any time when you feel motivated to study and at the comfort of your homes.
  • Only the relevant information is available on this app.
  • There are over 50 hours of recorded videos explaining concepts, shortcuts, and problems from expert faculty to get your solving speed to the allotted time limit which is one minute per question.
  • Over 100 ‘Timed tests’ that will give you the real feel of the competitive exam and polish your exam-taking skills which will be your differentiating factor.

Subscribe to the ‘CET Cracker’ app to use all these benefits to be well prepared and deserve a good rank in CET/COMEDK 2016.