Given how stressful preparation for competitive exams can be for students, a little support from you, as parents, can help boost their energy and morale to a great extent. Here’s what you can do while your child is busy juggling board exams notes and competitive exam mock tests.

  • Keep your communication channels open. Constant conversation with your child will help build their trust for troubled times. It also relieves their stress to a great extent if they can come and discuss their concerns with someone at home without being reprimanded. Remember that the child is going through an insecure age; they can use all the help and support they can get
  • Do not set big expectations and end up disappointing both yourself and your child. Start with small successes. Remind yourself that the monthly tests and practice tests are given to help your child improve. Expecting 100% marks from the first test leaves your child no space for improvement. Rather than ‘100% marks’, allow your child to make ‘100% effort’ his/her motto.
  • Low grades are part of the journey. Anticipate it and support them when they are dejected themselves. This is only a small setback. Help them figure out what was lacking in their preparation and ensure they are thorough with the chapter the next time around.
  • Help them in monitoring their progress. Help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and note the fluctuations in their study patterns.
  • Help them set up a balanced time table. Ensure it includes time for recreation and physical activity as well. This will keep them refreshed and healthy.