Cracking an entrance exam is no walk in the park. A lot of hard work, planning, and dedication has to be put in to crack extremely competitive exams like JEE Main/Advanced and NEET. However, in addition to achieving academic brilliance, a child should have holistic development. It is up to the parents to make sure that their child does not have a stressful life. A student must never feel that he/she is taking up this task all alone.

As parents, you have a huge role to play during these crucial years. Getting your ward admitted to a good coaching institute or a school is not the only job. The whole journey has to be taken together. Here, let us see what you can as a parent could do to help your child crack the toughest entrance examinations.

Be the support they need

Just being there for them can make a whole lot of difference. You don’t need to help your kid solve complex quadratic equations, though it is good to do. Just ensure them that whatever happens, you are going to be with them. Always remember that these are tough times for your kids. They might be going through a lot.

Keep them healthy

Take care of their diet and health. Make sure they never skip their meals since a lot of children tend to do so due to their workload. Don’t let them be sleep deprived

Help them set the right target

The pass percentage of many competitive entrance exams is very low. When it comes to JEE Main and Advanced, it is frighteningly low. So, it is important for a student to set an achievable target. Rather than pushing your child to do something he/she can’t, help them in realizing their potential and eventually in achieving the target.

Never compare your kids with anyone else

Now, this one’s what every Indian parent does. Comparing your child with someone else never helps anybody. In fact, it actually does the opposite. This might even draw your kid farther from you.

Create a pleasant atmosphere at your home

After all the long hours of classes, no kid wants to come back to a stressful place. The atmosphere at home should be a pleasant one. Parents must be cheerful and should never pressurise or put a whole lot of burden on their kids.

When a student is preparing for a competitive exam, he/she should be provided with all the help they want. Parents should become their guide, teacher, and friend in need. Help them plan for their career and make their dreams a reality.