The better fuel our brain gets, the better we’ll learn and perform – that’s a no-brainer!

We know that our children go through long study hours, physical and mental stress, during exam season. Let’s do our bit by ensuring a balanced healthy diet for them.

Here is a simple mantra for all of us: Eat healthy!  Eat at regular intervals! Stay hydrated!

  • Eating healthy
    • A healthy breakfast is a must! When we wake up, our body hasn’t had food for several hours. Breakfast gives us the energy we need to face the day!
    • Including food that is rich in nutrients such as iron, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C are important to maintaining physical and mental energy
    • Fruits rank high among the best foods we can eat for our brain. Let’s ensure that the ‘snack time’ could include an adequate portion of fruits
  • Eating at regular intervals
    • Eating heavy meals would make us dull
    • Eating healthy, smaller portions at regular intervals (5-6 times a day) would keep us fuelled the entire day and also curb the craving for junk food
    • Trying out some new interesting recipes to have some variety, helps lighten the mood at home, which allows children to de-stress as well
  • Staying hydrated
    • It is important to note that being dehydrated leads to fatigue
    • Drinking adequate water (2-3 liters) is the easiest way to keep us hydrated
    • A glass of milk while studying instead of coffee would ensure the right supply of calcium, Vitamin A and B

Of course, these tips are beneficial to us as much as they are for our children. After all, only if we are healthy can we take care of our children, especially when they need us the most!

Hope you’ll find these tips useful for your children. Feel free to comment below your own tips that you find missing above.