JEE Advanced, previously known as IIT JEE, is the qualifying examination for admissions to IITs. It is one of the most competitive and toughest examinations in the country. Students from across the country commence preparation roughly about two years before they plan to take up the examination. More than 5 lakh students attempt the exam competing for a spot in about 10000 IIT seats every year.

Success in IIT drastically depends on the student’s ability to absorb a concept and apply it to a problem to solve it. Although the syllabus is based on what students study in 11th, and 12th, it is a challenge for students to assimilate concepts from across the syllabus, break down the problem into small ingestible bits and apply these concepts wherever relevant.

This is where proper coaching plays a vital role. An effective IIT trainer will focus on strengthening the student’s fundamental understating of the concepts. He will also teach a student how to break down a problem, visualize it and solve it.

A coaching center is also a place where students can meet other like-minded aspirants. Exposure to the cutthroat competition will help keep the student motivated if taken positively. Coaching classes keep the students focused and motivated. Regular tests and practice papers help students get into the mode of solving questions under pressure, which is a good practice for when the student takes up the exam.

Having said that, it is also equally important for the student to be ambitious and hard-working. Cracking IIT is difficult. The student should be willing to put in the effort it’s going to cost him/her.