A career in management is highly coveted these days. This is inevitable with companies and start-ups booming both in India and globally bringing with it great opportunities and a promising future to those who are pursuing a commerce PU program. With the competition being cut-throat, preparing right from the PU days would be a great idea.

Trends keep changing and the people who adapt to this are bound to be the winners. Going beyond strict classroom environments is the rule of thumb to produce students and managers who can cut it in the real world.

As youngsters, we are full of ideas and have the vigour that is truly necessary for an entrepreneur. Not that adults do not possess this but there’s a chance of it dying down due to factors like family responsibilities and the like. During the recent Young Social Entrepreneurs meet organised by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) an Indian management student presented a business idea for a platform and community essentially to connect sports professionals with a vision to discover and nurture the talent in our country in the sports sector.

Deeksha conducted one such fest in the last year named ‘Looming Mercenaries’ to encourage our students interested in entrepreneurship. Participants set up stalls and managed everything by themselves including organising the entire event. ‘Focus 360’ is a part of our commerce program at Deeksha that imparts job oriented skills and makes students apply themselves with industry visits and a plethora of other initiatives.

Any student who wishes to experience a commerce PU program that gets students going in the field of management can request for more information.