Technology brings new aspects to students. Deeksha, a reliable name in the arena of PU and competitive exam coaching in Bangalore launched Deeksha PAL, an android app that assists science students to prepare for the second-year pre-university (PU) exam starting in March at Ocean Pearl on January 21. The launch of this app symbolizes the institute’s venture into the segment of mobile applications. This is the only app in the technology-enabled education market that helps students achieve success in the Board Examinations.

Lalit Sridhar, Co-founder and Executive Director of Ace Creative Learning and Deeksha, said that the android app provides a set of one, three and five marks questions based on each chapter along with their related solutions. This will help students do the preparation in a disciplined way. The questions are prepared by subject experts according to the blueprint provided by the PU Board. Students will find questions and answers on subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Kannada, Biology, Hindi, Sanskrit and English.

This student-friendly app allows students to develop individual study plans according to their needs and requirements. This feature gives students the flexibility to fix their pace of study and therefore acts as a customized buddy for them.

Ms. Sridhar told reporters, the pass option provides questions that assist students in clearing the subject whereas the option of distinction consists of more questions that assist students in getting more marks. Sriram Sabhapathy, head of the technical wing of Deeksha addressed the reporters saying the app has been designed in such a manner that both 2G and 3G mobile set users can use it. Soon there will be a video commentary in which subject experts will be discussing the finer aspects of preparation. He added, “Commerce subjects will be added from the first week of February”.

While giving the demo of the app, Shriram Sabhapathy talked about the exciting features of the app which includes:

  • Question banks organized by difficulty level
  • Marking scheme and detailed breakdown of answers
  • Explainer video commentary for each chapter
  • A useful tool such as bookmark, revisit and break down of marking scheme

Lalit Sridhar, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Ace Creative Learning and Deeksha told, “Since Mangaluru is regarded as an education hub, we decided to launch this app here”. Already 4000 downloads have been done and are expected to reach 50000 downloads before the Board Exams.

Shriram said, “In the coming days, probably from the onset of the academic year, we are planning to introduce paid features like ‘call a teacher’ in the app where students can schedule a call with a teacher and clear his or her doubts”. According to Ms. Lalit Sridhar, “preparation for Board Examinations is generally restricted to content that is delivered through tuition or coaching. Practice and learning happen from reference materials and books. However, today many students own mobile devices, which act as an effective platform for the delivery of test prep material and content. Deeksha PAL makes the best use of this opportunity to connect with the students in a much better way.

During the launch, Shriram told the reporters about a paid app ‘CET CRACKER’, worth Rs. 2499. He added that many colleges consider our app as a great tool that can help students boost their marks. Currently, the beta version of Deeksha PAL is available at FREE OF COST to students in Karnataka and can be installed from the Google Play Store.

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