You are 13 days away from CBSE Class 10 & II PUC Board Exams and about 67 days away from CET. If there is anything that can help you improve your preparation the most it is the mock tests. Well, hard work and intelligence are definitely the most important components, but to get into a detailed preparation strategy, you should have a series of successful mock tests behind you!

Deeksha announces FREE Mock Tests with explained solutions prepared by experts.  Appearing for these mock tests will help you to measure your level of preparation. A complete analysis of your performance by checking with the explained solutions by experts can help you make the best out of every paper you attend.

Features of Deeksha Mock Tests:

  • The tests are conducted similar to the Board Exams/ CET, to give students an experience of taking real test which in turn will help them gain confidence and ability to answer accurately
  • Students don’t have to go to a test center as they can take up the mock tests anywhere, anytime.
  • Presently, students can download sample question papers with answers explained in detail for exams like:
  1. CBSE Class 10
  2. 2nd Karnataka PUC
  3. CET ( PCM)
  • Mock Tests by Deeksha is designed to provide students a virtual Board/ CET test environment. In addition, the explained solutions provided by our experts will help students in scaling their performance.
  • Attempting the mock tests will help to enhance the overall speed and accuracy of answering questions.
  • Post the test, students can find their weak areas and plan their preparation accordingly for improved results
  • The question papers prepared by our experts not only offer students the subject knowledge but also help them learn how to crack the Board and Entrance Exams.

So, don’t waste any more time. Start practising by downloading the sample papers now!