As you stand on another threshold of hope and anticipation, our wishes are with you! The exams that you have completed are just about academic aspirations, but also test your ability, willpower, and mental toughness.   As the results come out, some of you may be happy with your results, while some of you may be disappointed. But hey, you have worked hard and put your best foot forward, and that deserves a big applause. We are proud of you!

Your dreams, ambitions, and life goals are tied to your results and it’s easy to feel elated or dejected about yourself. Comparisons, self-worth, peer pressure, and parental approval; all make you undergo different emotions ranging from the positive to the negative. Life is one long race where you win some and you lose some. But eventually, the race is with yourself, and the place you want to reach is only determined by you! And even if your results are not as you expected, it’s not the end of the world! It took Thomas Alva Edison 1,000 attempts to make that first light bulb!

Experiencing pre-result nerves? Well, do things that make you relax and read some stuff on this section, and here’s a list too:

•           Spend time with friends

•           Play a sport/ exercise

•           Read something interesting

•           Listen to music

•           Have an ice cream!

•           Check out what the funny man Vir Das has to say-

And of course, we, at Deeksha, are with you in your moment of anticipation and look forward to another exciting year with you!