When we think about preparing for board examinations, the first thing that comes to mind is the study material and associated resources to strengthen the knowledge base. Choosing suitable study material is critical to preparing well for the board exams. Most students end up with inaccurate material, which proves to be a regretful decision at the time of the examination.

Students appearing for the board examinations under the CBSE board often tend to follow the CBSE board-released and approved study material. Although this could help them secure good marks, many students need to pay more attention to the importance of the officially released study material by the CBSE board. It is advisable to deeply examine the study materials and related resources released by the official board.

All About Studying from the NCERT Textbooks to Score Excellent Marks

Every year, the CBSE board arranges a new exam syllabus before the start of an academic year. Accordingly, it releases relevant study materials, books, blueprints and the examination pattern. Based on the recently released syllabus., the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) develop, collate and distributes textbooks to CBSE board students at the primary and secondary level.

These are called the NCERT books and are highly recommended for CBSE students, especially those appearing for the board exams. The books are comprehensive and cover every aspect of the examination syllabus. The main advantage of NCERT books is that they cover the fundamentals and basics of every subject per the latest syllabus. This helps aspirants to learn the basics of every subject and supports them with learning and understanding concepts. 

Developed by subject experts, the NCERT books help students gain in-depth insight into every topic. Solving questions becomes easy because of how the content is structured and explained. Every solution is brain-mapped and supported with illustrations and diagrams, and this helps students quickly get a grasp on concepts. 

Why Should You Study from NCERT Books?

NCERT books have been designed per the latest curriculum and exam pattern, which helps students understand the exam format and prepare accordingly.

Most of the questions asked in board exams are based on the concepts given in NCERT books. Therefore, studying these books thoroughly will help students score good exam marks.

NCERT books are crucial for board exam preparations. They provide a strong foundation for students to understand the concepts, align with the latest syllabus and exam pattern, and help students score well in the exams.

Now that we have learnt what NCERT books are, let us delve into why students in the CBSE board must use them as reference material for their examination. The key reasons to refer to the NCERT books are listed below:

1. Provides Authentic Information

Expert teachers and professors write NCERT books after extensive research on the topics in each subject. All NCERT textbooks are vetted and verified by professional teachers and are published only after being completely proofread. This makes it reliable and foolproof to prepare for exams and score better marks. These books offer students authentic information and help them easily learn complex concepts. 

2. In-Depth Knowledge in Easy-to-understand Format 

The NCERT books are developed to help every student of every calibre. It also offers solutions and knowledge in simple, easy and comprehensible language. The books cover every minute detail to clarify complex topics. This makes it easy for students to learn specific topics and clarify any doubts.

3. Strictly Follows the CBSE Curriculum

The highlight of the NCERT textbooks is that they stick to the CBSE curriculum and are constantly updated to reflect the changes made annually. This is another prominent reason for choosing NCERT textbooks that are useful for students. Students will only find relevant content, questions and solutions to topics based on the syllabus and the exam pattern. Another advantage to these books is that they are ideal for students preparing for entrance examinations like JEE mains. The books have multi-fold benefits and can be used for more than CBSE board examinations.

4. Clears All Basic Concepts

NCERT textbooks cover basic concepts, fundamentals and minute details about various topics in every subject. This is the key for students to understand topics and perform well in the examinations. The text and content in the books are important not just from an examination point of view but also from a learning perspective. Students will benefit from the content and the related exercises. All the content helps to assess themselves and master the basic techniques of answering queries and problems.

5. A Large Number of Practice Problems

Experts write NCERT books and offer numerous vital questions and solutions when preparing for board exams. Every chapter ends with a constructive bank of questions that are good practice for students when preparing for exams. Students do not have to worry about working out questions and can focus on questions and solutions covered in each topic.

6. Essential for Board Exams

Students who examined question papers of CBSE board exams in the past years will find that most questions have been picked from NCERT books. The CBSE Class 12 Mathematics examination papers that have been touted as the toughest in the last two years have had questions from NCERT exemplar problems. 

7. Affordable Pricing and Easily Accessible

Since many students across the country refer to NCERT textbooks, they are affordable and available in most bookstores and online. Books are published and printed in large quantities, and there is no shortage of books for students when they wish to invest in them.

How to Score High Marks With NCERT Textbook in CBSE Exams?

Now that we know NCERT books are one of the finest study materials for those preparing for CBSE board examinations, the below guide will assist you in leveraging the materials to your benefit. The books provide a solid foundation for students and help them prepare for board and competitive exams. Having a schedule, a study guide and knowing how to utilise the materials to your advantage and obtain marks is crucial. Students must use NCERT books to their advantage and follow a strategy to secure high marks in the board examinations.

1. Keep the CBSE Syllabus at Hand 

NCERT books primarily adhere to the current and updated CBSE syllabus. However, students must keep the syllabus in hand and understand which topics have been assigned more importance and need extensive preparation. Students must focus on topics with more weightage in the question paper and prepare them first; the ones with less weightage can be prepared later.

2. Read the Chapter to Understand the Concepts 

The first step to preparing for board exams is to read the NCERT textbooks thoroughly. Reading every chapter helps you to understand and familiarise yourself with concepts and theories of every topic. Highlight key points, make notes and read details of every chapter.

3. Go Through Previous Year’s Question Papers

A proven technique, going through and solving previous year’s question papers, is vital to exam preparation. Similarly, reviewing past question papers published by NCERT will help familiarise oneself with the exam pattern, questions asked, and difficulty level. Solving as many questions as possible is important to improve speed and accuracy. By solving multiple papers, students can analyse their performance and work on their strengths and areas of improvement. By working on their areas of improvement, students can gain an advantage when performing in the exam.

4. Read Chapters for the Second Time and Make Notes

Apart from reading the chapters thoroughly, students must reread them. Students must make notes and jot down important points corresponding to the concepts and theories the second time around. These notes must be regularly revised as they help to recollect concepts at the time of examination. 

5. Practice the Exercises 

All NCERT textbooks have exercises at the end of every chapter. Questions, practice problems and all the exercises are designed to recollect the concepts related to every chapter. Solving these exercises will help to master concepts. With regular practice, students can be assured of speed and accuracy and score more marks in the examinations.

6. For Quick Revisions

Notes from the NCERT textbooks are helpful when revising topics or studying for the exams a day before. There is extensive information in the textbooks, and making notes could be a quick reference guide for students when preparing for their exams. These notes will enable students to do a quick revision rather than reading through the entire content at the last minute.


Students are often confused about the information they need to learn from an examination point of view when preparing for board examinations. NCERT books are ideal when students need a conceptual understanding of subjects. Students must know how to give precise answers to questions in the examinations, and the NCERT textbooks are excellent sources of information to answer even challenging questions during exams. The comprehensible language of NCERT textbooks enables students to score well in CBSE board exams. The language of the textbook is very relevant, and students can reproduce the same language in their answers during exams. Written and drafted by experts, students can be confident to refer to them when learning the content as it is vetted and verified. The books are curated to help students understand topics and attempt examinations confidently and are relevant to the current syllabus.