There are many parents who want their kids to excel in competitive exams like IIT, CET, or any other exams without being aware of the fact that whether their kid has the ability to excel in the exams or not. They are forced to study for long hours even if they are not interested in that exam. This particular mentality, in fact, affects the student’s mentality in a negative way. They ultimately start losing confidence in them.

If you are also among those parents who without knowing which competitive exam will be right for them, you force them to concentrate on competitive exams, then the first important thing that you need to do is find the capability of your kid. Find out whether he or she can crack IIT, or will the kid be comfortable in studying for AIEEE. In this regard, many of you might be thinking about how you can realize your kid’s potential. Deeksha brings you the opportunity to do so with DSAT.

  • DSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) conducted at Deeksha campuses on weekends.
  • The main purpose of conducting the test is to gauge a kid’s potential in competitive exams.
  • The test is meant for students appearing for class X who are confused about the stream they need to choose after class X.
  • Once DSAT is being conducted, the experts at the campus will guide students about the right competitive exam for them.

How DSAT is conducted

  • Students who are interested in appearing for DSAT have to attend a lecture for one and half hours on a particular topic which will be followed by an assessment test.
  • While going for DSAT, students have to carry a pen and a passport size photograph.

So, parents out there. If you want to know your child’s potential in various competitive exams then encourage them to participate in the test. DSAT registration has started!