With one month left for CET, many of you may be left with the question ‘How do I get more done in less time?   If this question has struck your head, you are on the right track. However, what you do after this is what will determine your success with your attempt of being really productive.

The simple and the most effective solution is to just focus on one thing. Doing one thing at a time keeps your brain completely focused on what you are doing at that moment as opposed to focusing on many things at a time and splitting the resources available.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to know how to study for CET in one month:

1. CET is your primary focus: Preparing for CET in a month is doable if you dedicate all your time to it for a month. With the volume of content, you have to cover, you need to dedicate an equivalent amount of time. Something that’s impossible if you do not cut down TV/ Social Media/ Meeting friends and other distractions.

Spend this one month focusing on your preparation and it will surely end up more fun than if you had chosen not to.

2. Chalk out a good plan: This tip is a cliché and at the same time an indispensable part. Without planning you will have to keep thinking about what you have to do next. Decide what to study, which material to use, and at what time so that you can focus on just studying. Don’t get overwhelmed if you deviate a little. As it is said, the plan is not important but planning is. Adapt to unprecedented circumstances!

3. Do not micromanage: Just split time equally among all your subjects but do not micromanage with respect to how much you have to cover in a certain time. Just set a time to study. Show up, start and focus.

4. Take short breaks: Take short breaks at regular intervals but do not engage in any distractions. Take a walk, meditate, drink water or have a small snack. Consciously choose to stay away from anything that has the history of throwing you off track.

5. Get enough sleep: Set a time for sleep and create a routine. You can’t study the next day if you are worn out from yesterday’s preparation. Moreover Sleep is very important for your brain to function adequately.

6. Make up your mind: You must believe that you deserve a good score and that doing all of the above is going to help you. Without this nothing you ever try is going to be effective.

Follow these to get good CET results with one month’s preparation.

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