Do you remember when you used to carry piles of books in your bag and walk to school or maybe, wait for your school bus? You will attend classes and take notes, most of which you might not have understood completely. Many of you might be saying in your mind, “Yes! That’s me”.

However, things have changed in the education field. Technology has stepped into the overall functioning of learning, right from the classroom to online exam preparation. Weekly assessments, class tests have now been replaced with mock tests, online question banks, and practice tests. Thus, making exam preparation easier and simpler.

In today’s classrooms, blackboards are being replaced by projectors, tablets and computers are taking place of books and mobile applications have replaced lessons. Following the current trend, Deeksha also launched an educational app called dPAL. It is an android app for PU, CBSE 11, 12, K-CET students, and for those who are preparing for competitive exams. Here, we will come across few points that define how this android app helps students.

  • No books: It is one of the biggest benefits of technology! Back in the old days, students had to carry heavy loads of books to school. Now, with dPAL, a tablet or smartphone will do. Chapters from different subjects are available in a single source. No need of carrying heavy bags full of books. Great! Isn’t it?
  • Easy to understand: It is a proven fact that students tend to learn faster from what they see when compared to reading books.  There lies the significance of mobile apps in learning. Students get to learn from dPAL and discuss important concepts in the chapter.
  • Studying paperless: Students can study, practice tests through this android app while doing something good for nature. Saving trees! It is easier for the students as they do not have to go through different notebooks for checking assignments and homework, therefore saving both time and effort. The same is applicable in the case of exams.
  • Get a complete performance analysis: Earlier, students had to wait for exams to understand their potential. However, today with mobile apps like dPAL, students need to just take up the cet mock test online or other tests and get an analysis of the score, time is taken to solve a question and solution within no time.

All the above-mentioned points prove that dPAL can play a huge role in exam preparation. It not only makes the task of preparing for an exam interesting but also saves time. So, start your preparation now by downloading dPAL from Google Playstore.