On our visit to buy a product at a store, would we make a purchase if we were denied information regarding the product? Absolutely not!

As absurd as this may sound, we tend to do something similar in our pursuit of getting things across to people. Communication gap – inability to understand something or someone due to lack of information.

It goes without saying that a healthy parent-child relationship is based on good communication. Ensuring that we establish good communication or bridge existing communication gaps with our kids isn’t as tough as we thought.

We could simply start off with having regular conversations as we would with a friend. Be it talking about our day or something nice that happened.

Judging and showing disappointment too often is always a cause for not being able to connect with our kids or for losing an existing connection. Why would we open up when we are sure of receiving a disconcerting reply from someone?

It would be a great idea to always remain calm and open-minded. Always!! We never know what the other person has to say.

What do we stand to lose if we let go of our ego with our loved ones? Perhaps there is no question of winning or losing in our relationships.

As human as we are, we are bound to err. In this situation, it would be a good idea for us to apologise (lead by example) and leave no issue unresolved. It is very important that we never let go of any issue thinking it’s trivial.

Once these things are put to action, our interactions become more pleasant. They will be based on a neutral exchange of thoughts and emotions.

One thing after the other, things start becoming more transparent.

No reason to hide anything, thereby cutting down on an array of methods to dodge telling things to parents. Absolutely no scope left for any communication gap. Mutual trust will be established.

Really simple – Have an open mind, stay calm no matter what, do not judge and always appreciate even the smallest of the nice things that are done and happen. A simple solution to a rather simple problem.